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JE Fanfiction Archive Part II - Hey! Say! JUMP *Friends Locked*

Hey! Say! JUMP


Arioka Daiki/Chinen Yuuri / PG / 169 words / Fluff
Summary: Chinen loves being around Daiki.

But as long as he could be this close to Daiki, it didn't matter, nothing did.

Cherished Moments

Yamada Ryosuke/Nakajima Yuto / PG-13 / 1,052 words / Fluff
Summary: Fifteen heartwarming moments between Yuto and Ryosuke.

His hips were swinging around loosely and Yuto found his eyeballs following the movement closely.

So Much More

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru / PG-13 / 1,214 words / Fluff
Summary: Fifteen heartwarming moments between Kota and Hikaru.

"You're too gullible Hikaru-kun," he said, tackling Hikaru to the floor and tickling him.

Rules of Culinary (a.k.a. Prompt #35 of the Chinen-thon - 5 Times Chinen Tried To Cook)
Arioka Daiki/Chinen Yuuri / PG / 1,261 words / Humor/Fluff
Summary: Chinen tries to make something for Daiki. . .with catastrophic results.

"Chii, you forgot the yeast," Inoo said to him.

Mobile Interaction (a.k.a. Prompt #62 of the Chinen-thon - 5 Times Chinen Played With Yabu's Phone And What he Did)

Yabu Kota/Chinen Yuuri / PG / 729 words / Humor
Summary: In which Chinen makes extreme use of Yabu's phone.

Seconds later, Yabu felt a hand reach into his pocket and tug. He rolled his eyes: so that's what he wanted.

Bedtime Story

Yabu Kota/Chinen Yuuri / PG / 1,048 words / Fluff
Summary: Yabu attempts to tell Chinen a bedtime story.

"Because you are. You don't think I'm going to be the princess, do you?"

The Green Eyed Monster (a.k.a. Prompt # 66 for the Hey! Say! JUMP-thon)

Takaki Yuya/Chinen Yuuri; Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru; Yamada Ryosuke/Nakajima Yuto; Implied Takaki Yuya/Hashimoto Ryosuke / PG / 3,218 words / Romance
Summary: For the awesome HSJ-thon. The Green Eyed Monster of jealousy attacks Chinen, who in turn wants to attack Hasshi.

Chinen nodded while supressing the urge to gnaw off Hasshi's arm.

How Cute! (a.k.a. Prompt #72 of the Hey! Say! JUMP-thon)

Yaotome Hikaru/Arioka Daiki / PG / 645 words / Genre: Fluff/Humor
Summary: Somehow, the word cute seems to fit Daiki.

Daiki pouted. He would've rather been called a 'dork' in this case. 'Cute' certainly did not describe his actions.

For The Love of Fruit (a.k.a. Prompt #61 of the Hey! Say! JUMP - 5 Times Yamada Was OTP with Strawberries)

Yamada Ryosuke/Chinen Yuuri / PG / 531 words / Fluff
Summary: Yamada + Strawberries = OTP

Chinen shook his head and extended the bag to Ryosuke who eagerly helped himself.


Yamada Ryosuke/Chinen Yuuri / PG / 224 words / Fluff
Summary: Ryosuke hated watching Chinen being spoiled.

Ryosuke hated the fact that everyone spoiled Chinen.

Playing Dress Up (a.k.a. Prompt #65 of the Hey! Say! JUMP-thon - 5 Times Hikaru Made Yabu Crossdress)

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru / PG-13 / 864 words / Crack
Summary: Hikaru has a bit too much fun seeing Yabu in female clothes.

In addition, he tried not to notice the slight breeze around his thighs as he walked.

It's In His Kiss (a.k.a. Chinen-thon Prompt #12 - 5 Times Chinen Kissed Daiki)

Arioka Daiki/Chinen Yuuri / PG / 408 words / Fluff
Summary: Chinen loves to kiss Daiki.

Chinen smiled, took Daiki's hand in own, and kissed it.


Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru / PG-13 / 147 words / Humor
Summary: In which Hikaru finds Yabu to be a perfect source of entertainment.

And he would provide the perfect kind of company, the entertaining kind.

Forever Love (a.ka. 10 Songs Meme)

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru / PG-13 / 808 words / Fluff
Summary: A peek into the YabuHika relationship.

The intensity in his eyes and his body movements made him all too inviting.

He's A Tease

Yabu Kota/Takaki Yuya/Yaotome Hikaru / PG-13 / 238 words / Humor
Summary: Takaki proves just how much of a tease he can be.

Takaki always knew how to push the right buttons when it came to Yabu and Hikaru.

The Adorable Kind Of Love - BEST/7 Pairing Drabbles

Takaki Yuya/Chinen Yuuri; Yabu Kota/Yamada Ryosuke; Yaotome Hikaru/Nakajima Yuto; Arioka Daiki/Morimoto Ryutaro; Inoo Kei/Okamoto Keito / PG / 606 words / Fluff

Summary: Fluffy drabbles with the members of BEST paired with the members of 7.

The 2004 SUMMARY concert is where Takaki first saw him.

Entertain Me

Yabu Kota/Takaki Yuya/Yaotome Hikaru / NC-17 / 1,106 words / Smut
Summary: In which Takaki is a shameless uke, Hikaru can't properly distract a person, and Yabu just wants to study.

"Turns out he ended up distracting me from my job of distraction," Hikaru replied sheepishly. "But that's typical Yuya for you."


Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru; Yabu Kota + Tomiura Satoshi / PG / 957 words / Crack
Summary: In which YabuHika prove that jealousy strengthens a bond.

Hikaru was not comforted by Taiyou's words, and continued to sulk. However no one noticed: they thought he was merely getting into character for Shuu's role.


Yabu Kota/? / PG / 280 words / Fluff
Summary: Yabu meets up with an old friend.

Yabu was running, barely avoiding collisions in the street.

Taking Action

Hey! Say! BEST (Friendship) / PG / 561 words / Friendship
Summary: BEST decides that Yabu is overworked.

Gosh, did he ever take a break?

Bust Your Windows

Takaki Yuya/?; Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru; Inoo Kei/Arioka Daiki / PG-13 / 1,660 words / Angst
Summary: In which Takaki beats the crap out of his boy friend's car.

Takaki smiled bitterly. He wasn't there. He knew he wouldn't be.

Five True Pairings (a.k.a. Hikaru-thon Prompt #59 – 5 Times Hikaru walked in on an OTP + 1 time JUMP walked in on his OTP)

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru; Inoo Kei/Chinen Yuuri; Takaki Yuya/Arioka Daiki; Yamada Ryosuke/Nakajima Yuto; Morimoto Ryutaro/Okamoto Keito / PG-13 / 1,134 words / Crack
Summary: For the Hikaru-thon! Hikaru spends a day at the Jimusho without Yabu. Needless to say, it's quite unusual.

Hikaru sighed. He had a long day ahead of him.


Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru / PG-13 / 842 Words / Crack
Summary: When Hikaru hears the news about the classroom setting for the School Kakumei Live Stage, he finds it difficult to think about Yabu-sensei in a rated g manner.

And Yabu-sensei would stride into the room and survey the students with kind yet stern eyes and a sexy smile.

New Year

Chinen Yuuri/? / PG / 166 words / Fluff
Summary: There are ten seconds left until the New Year, and Chinen wonders where his midnight kissing partner is.

Ten, nine, eight . . .

Above All

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru / PG / 947 words / Fluff
Summary: Hikaru has something that he wants to ask Yabu.

I didn't cry that day because no matter what hell I go through I know you're there, facing it with me, fighting with me, and helping me endlessly.


Yabu Kota/Yamada Ryosuke; Yaotome Hikaru/Nakajima Yuto; Takaki Yuya/Chinen Yuuri / PG / 1,112 words / Fluff
Summary: When Yamada's too shy to say anything about his crush on Yabu, a few members of JUMP decide to come to the rescue.

Yabu smiled warmly and continued walking towards JUMP's dressing room. Yamada exhaled and pinched his cheeks.

Since The Last Time

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru / NC-17 / 1,113 / Smut
Summary: Based on Shounen Club 2009-02-08. The aftermath of the comment Yabu whispered in Hikaru's ear.

"Only seven minutes left," Hikaru said, shifting impatiently from side to side. "Just seven minutes."

Baby Maybe

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru; slight Nakajima Yuto/Chinen Yuuri / 1,038 words / Fluff/Humor
Summary: Yabu and Hikaru decide to name a member of JUMP as their official love child.

"Yes," Yabu replied, almost dreading the Hikaru's next sentence.

This Relationship Thing

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru / PG /352 words / Fluff
Summary: Hikaru's not quite sure about this whole 'relationship thing'.

At The Same Time

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru / PG / 219 words / Fluff
Summary: Hikaru reflects on his feelings for Yabu.

Versus Yabu

Yabu Kota/Yaotome Hikaru; Yaotome Hikaru/Super Junior (Fanboyism) / PG / 990 / Romance
Summary: Yabu finds himself facing off against 15 Korean studs for Hikaru's attention.

"I swear Suju makes people delusional," Yabu thought to himself, amazed at the scene in front of him.

Try Again

Takaki Yuya/Mya Summers (OC) / PG / 1,637 words / Romance
Summary: Takaki Yuya learns that just liking someone isn't enough to go on.

"Who are you the love doctor?" Daiki asked amused.

When Opposites Attract

Yabu Kota/Chinen Yuuri / PG / 1,166 words / Romance
Summary: Four drabbles about Yabu and Chinen's relationship.

Hikaru and Yuto grinned: he was now officially whipped.

Decisions, Decisions

Yabu Kota/Takaki Yuya/Yaotome Hikaru / PG / 175 words / Humor

Summary: Yabu finds himself faced with a hard choice. Hikaru or Takaki?

I had to pick one of them. And that presented a problem.

Keep It Quiet

Yabu Kota/Yamada Ryosuke / PG / 448 words / Sadness/Fluff

Summary: Yabu's determined to keep him and Yamada a secret.

Yabu was shocked. One minute he was standing upright and in the next the wind had been knocked out of him as he was pinned to a wall.

Red Fest (a.k.a. Prompt 5 Names That Made 7 Blush Immediately

Yabu Kota/Yamada Ryosuke; Arioka Daiki/Chinen Yuuri; Takaki Yuya/Morimoto Ryutaro; Yaotome Hikaru/Nakajima Yuto; Inoo Kei/Okamoto Keito / PG / 2,919 words / Crack
Summary: 7 get crushes on BEST and decide to do something about it despite being terrified of the outcome. Random appearances make everyone nervous, Yuto takes on roll as leader, Yamada fears what Chinen can do, Keito learns how to confess, and Ryutaro finds himself hating curly hair with a passion.

"How in the world did we all fall for a BEST member anyway?" Keito wondered.

"Who saw Su Ri Ru?" Chinen asked and his and four other hands went in the air.

Top Secret

Yaotome Hikaru/?; Implied Yabu Kota x Yamada Ryosuke/ R / 856 words / Romance/Humor
Summary: Hikaru has been keeping his relationship with a certain someone a secret. And the text messages he's being sent make it all worth it.

Where are you? I want you here.


BESTOT5 (Friendship) / PG-13 / 545 words / Crack/Humor
Summary: Yabu calls BEST into a meeting to explain the cold hard truth: they are losing their sex appeal to 7.

He then pulls out a lecture stick from what seems like nowhere and BEST flinch. Who knows where that stick will be when this is over?

Confusion Is Understandable

Implied Yabu/BoA / PG / 543 words / Crack/Humor
Summary: For the Shameless Underage Fic Anonymeme. Prompt Given: Hikaru's jokes about Yabu's love for feather boas fail to get through Takaki and now he thinks Yabu has something more than a little crush on the famous Korean pop star. Inoo is slightly disheartened, Yuto approves of his senpai's taste, and Ryutaro rejoices because someone in the group is finally straight.

"Future blackmail references always come in handy," Yabu replied and Hikaru rolled his eyes.

My Favorite Penguin

Arioka Daiki x Lee SoHee (OC) / PG / 260 words / Humor/Fluff
Summary: Told in Daiki's point of view. Daiki's not happy that the competition for SoHee's affection is a baby penguin.

I scoffed. Darn you penguin.

Work Ethic

Inoo Kei/Carmen Iglesias (OC) / PG / 420 words / Fluff/Humor
Summary: For the Shameless Underage Fic Anonymeme. It's 12:00am and Inoo's still awake.

Inoo sighed as he looked at the books sprawled all over his desk. How in the world was he supposed to make sense of any of them?

Through the Phone

Takaki Yuya/Mya Summers (OC) / PG / 396 words / Fluff
Summary: Takaki doesn't think he can go to sleep without hearing Mya's voice. Daiki's not too happy about that.

Mya Summers yawned as she looked at the digital clock on her dresser. It was 2:05am and she had school tomorrow. But sleep was the last thing on her mind as she was expecting a phone call. She glared at her cell phone and as if on cue, it rang.


Yabu Kota /Yamada Ryosuke / NC-17 / 615 words / Smut
Summary: For the Shameless Underage Fic Anonymeme. Yamada's eating habits are starting to get to Yabu.

Yabu thinks he's going to crack in two seconds if Yamada doesn't stop eating that milk chocolate ice cream bar like that.

It's All About The Image (5 Reasons Why Hey! Say! BEST prefer Hitomi no Screen over Romeo & Juliet)

Hey! Say! BEST/ slight Yabu/Hikaru; Daiki/Chinen/ PG-13 / 1,141 words
Summary: With the release of Romeo and Juliet comes the despair of five young adults.

"Somebody hold me," Yabu whispers. Seconds later he smacks the top of Hikaru's head as he feels a pair of arms around his waist.

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