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Sehun/OC / G / 506 words / Fluff / 2012
Summary: Sehun loves the moments when they're even, and even the moments when they're not.

Sehun towers over her by almost thirty centimeters, however she has a gift for making him feel small.

Operation Better Boyfriend
Suho/Kai / PG / 1,681 words / Fluff/Humor / prompt: isn't it romantic? / 2013
Summary: Jongin tries to be romantic and fails dismally.

Crap, he thinks as he loses his balance and crashes into the door in front of him. He slides to the floor with a groan. That's gonna leave a mark.

Chanyeol/D.O; Suho/Kai; Baekhyun/Sehun; Xiumin/Luhan; Kris/Tao; Yixing/Chen / PG-13 / Under 200 Words / 2013
Summary: A collection of drabbles about the sex lives of various EXO Pairings.

1. No / Chanyeol/Kyungsoo / PG-13 / 119 words / Humor
2. Starve / Suho/Kai / PG-13 / 172 words / Humor
3. Hormones / Baekhyun/Sehun / PG-13 / 145 words / Humor
4. Change of Pace / Xiumin/Luhan / PG-13 / 109 words / Romance
5. Cards / Kris/Tao / PG-13 / 108 words / Romance
6. Temptation / Yixing/Chen / PG-13 / 98 words / Humor

Suho/Kai / PG-13 / 3,028 words / Romance / 2014
Summary: The cycle of Joonmyun and Jongin's relationship. Companion to "Swings".

The first day of spring arrives with the sun shining through the curtains and the sound of birds chirping their morning song, and Jongin wants to rip the month of April off of his calendar.

Suho/Kai / G / 333 words / Fluff / Prompt: Found here. / 2014
Summary: Joonmyun just wants everything to be perfect.

Pacing is a habit that Joonmyun has developed over the years, and Jongin watches in amusement as the older male attempts to burn a hole in their living room carpet while staring at a very long to do list.

Four Senses
Baekhyun/Sehun / NC-17 / 1,205 words / pwp / prompt: blind / 2015
Warnings: blindfolding
Summary: Baekhyun wants to try something different.

Baekhyun's smile is the last thing that Sehun sees before a silk cloth is rested against the bridge of his nose, and he put his hands in his lap as Baekhyun swiftly ties a knot to keep the cloth in place. Seconds later there's a shift on the bed, and Sehun frantically rotates his head in four different directions before Baekhyun chuckles.

"Relax, I'm right in front of you," Baekhyun tells him. "Now, how many fingers am I holding up?"

F.T Island

Hot and Cold
Song Seunghyun/Choi Minhwan / PG-13 / 511 words / PG-13 / Humor / 2009
Summary: In an attempt to cure his boredom, Seunghyun hides Minhwan's drumsticks and makes him play a game in order to find them. Minhwan's not too excited about that.

That did it. Seunghyun played the 'maturity card'.


JB/Jr. / G / 304 words / Fluff / Prompt: honey / 2014
Summary: In which Jinyoung coughs and Jaebum overreacts.

Jinyoung coughs. It's light, almost inaudible, but loud enough to make Jaebum to raise an eyebrow.

JB/Jr. / NC-17 / 700 words / PWP / Prompt: thirst / 2015
Summary: Jinyoung is up for a quickie.

Jinyoung has always been the more spontaneous of the two, so Jaebum isn't surprised when he's suddenly pushed against a wall and Jinyoung's mouth is on his neck, hands sliding underneath his shirt and tracing their way up his abs. What does surprise him is that they're in a rehearsal room that anyone could walk into at any time, and even though Jaebum would like nothing more than to give in and fuck Jinyoung, he has to raise an objection.


Shopping Trip
Key/Kim SangMi (OC) / PG / 465 words / Humor / 2009
Summary: Key takes his fashion disaster of a girlfriend shopping.

Key looks in the direction of SangMi's finger. Tons of clothes are cluttered together under a sign marked 'Clearance'. He rolls his eyes.

Ongoing War
Choi Minho/Kim Kibum; implied Lee Jinki/Kim Jonghyun / PG-13 / 1,084 words / Drama / 2009
Summary: After being out of contact with Minho for days, Kibum finds himself slowly reaching his breaking point. (From the SHINee prompt generator. Prompt: Ongoing war.)

He hasn't moved in hours, nor does he have any desire to. He has nowhere to go, not anymore.

A Want Versus A Need
Choi Minho/Lee Taemin / PG-13 / 2,560 words / AU / 2009
Summary: Taemin finds himself trapped in relationship with too much materialism for his liking.

It's one in the morning but Taemin's wide awake, curled up in ball on the left side of his king sized bed.

Shall We Dance?
Kim Jonghyun/Lee Taemin / PG-13 / 1,155 words / AU / 2009
Summary: Teen clubs aren't really Taemin's thing.

The neon lights hit his blond hair and face, exposing the slight sweat he works up as he grinds to the rhythm of the music with his current dance partner, a pretty girl who looks to be in her twenties. Taemin's mesmerized…and completely jealous.

Onew/Key / PG-13 words / 205 words / Humor / 2009
Summary: There's no simple way of doing things when Key's involved. (SHINee Pairing Generator Prompt: Are my jeans too tight?)

But Key was the one in charge of the sewing. And as things are never simple with him, he had other ideas in mind.

Easily Overlooked
Jonghyun/Taemin / PG / 305 words / Prompt: easily overlooked / 2010
Summary: Jonghyun gets back from being quarantined only to irritate Taemin.

Jonghyun comes back from his quarantine with a bright smile and a level of excitement that Taemin thinks might mirror his own.

Practically Domestic
Jonghyun/Taemin / PG-13 / 2,158 words / Prompt: practically domestic / 2010
Summary: Jonghyun and Taemin decide to move into a separate room in SHINee's dorm, and both of their limits are tested with each passing day.

"I couldn't sleep in there," Taemin grumbles looking up at him and Key sees the deep bags under his eyes. "Jonghyun snores and it sounds terrible. I can't believe I never noticed it before."

It's Always Worth It
Jonghyun/Taemin / R / 962 words / prompt: scream / 2010
Summary: Taemin's not very patient.

He currently has Taemin pinned against the wall and still hasn't touched his mouth. Instead his lips linger on the skin between his jaw line and neck causing Taemin to groan impatiently and wriggle against the wall.

The Reluctant Servant
Jonghyun/Taemin / PG-13 / 446 words / prompt: WTF Hyung?! / 2010
Summary: In which Taemin's discovers that he's dating a pervert.

When it comes to Jonghyun and Taemin's relationship there are some things that Taemin is willing to try, and other things that cause him to blurt out an improper word or two.

The Ardent Master
Jonghyun/Taemin / NC-17 / 1,486 words / PWP / 2010
Summary: Sequel to The Reluctant Servant. Jonghyun tests out Taemin's costume with pleasing results.

The dress is short; there's barely enough material to cover Taemin's private areas and yet it still feels like too much material to Jonghyun. He wants it off and fast.

Into the New World
Jonghyun/Taemin; Onew/Key; Minho/Nichkhun / PG-13 / 2,644 words / AU / 2010
Summary: Four teens experience their first year of college which includes annoyance at late night parties, a Resident Assistant that seems to pop up randomly, stress from classes, and romance at every corner.

"There's no air conditioning!" he yells angrily into his cell phone receiver. "This is bullshit!"

Jonghyun/Taemin / PG / 611 words / Fluff / 2011
Summary: Jonghyun is giving, always giving, and Taemin feels that the only thing he can do is take.

Taemin only protests at Jonghyun's treatment when the pots and pans come in.

Onew/Key / PG-13 / 4,303 words / Romance / 2012
Summary: It's been ten months since CEO Kim Kibum has been in the dating world. Can he pull himself together, or will his past continue to interfere with his present?

"He has nothing to do with this," he says through gritted teeth. He starts to flip through the pages of his portfolio a bit more aggressively. "This is about the show, and going on a date any time between now and the show would interfere with preparations.


Song and Dance
Jung Pilkyo/OC / PG / 679 words / Romance / 2010
Summary: Hyesung comes back from his tour to see his girlfriend in an interesting situation.

After months of being on tour, taking countless pictures with fans, and visiting the landmarks and restaurants in different towns and cities, Jung Pilkyo finds himself back at his favorite place, home.

Eric/Hyesung / PG-13 / 1,104 words / Romance / 2012
Summary: Of stomping and sticky notes.

Eric has a habit of visiting Hyesung's apartment at least three times a week, and Hyesung isn't surprised when he returns to his apartment to see Eric lounging on his couch, a beer in one hand and the TV remote in the other.

Ten Years
Lee Minwoo/Andy Lee / PG-13 / 1,490 words / Romance / 2012
Summary: Five times Andy almost told Minwoo that he loved him, plus the one time that he did tell him.

Though he's twenty one years old and inexperienced in relationships, Andy knows that the confession is the most crucial point.

Hyesung/Jun Jin / 473 words / G / Fluff/Humor / 2013
Summary: Jun Jin's not happy with Shinhwa's new diet.

'Diet', is a word that Shinhwa hasn't been familiar with since they were teenagers, and Jun Jin can't help but grit his teeth at the fact that his vocabulary and his stomach have to be re-introduced to it at the age of thirty three.

Super Junior

Lee SungMin/Park KyoungMi(OC) / PG / 483 words / Fluff / 2009
Summary: In which both parties concerned learn that having your significant other as a martial arts training partner is a bad idea.

She opens her eyes to see SungMin grinning, his balance still perfect as he wiggles his toes in front her.

Code White
Super Junior; Yesung/Lee Jinkyong (OC) / PG / 2572 words / Fluff / 2009
Summary: When the members of Super Junior learn that Yesung plans to propose to his girlfriend, they decide to stalk him until he pops the question. Ryeowook is distracted by clothes, Eeteuk has a mother complex, and Kibum suggests that Siwon pray for Jinkyong's health. (Beta-ed byricecakestar! Thank you so much!)

But of course it's Kangin. And Kangin can't pass up an opportunity to snitch.

A Little Incentive
Yesung/Choi Siwon / PG-13 / 100 words / Humor / 2009
Summary: Yesung gives Siwon a slightly extreme gift. From the SJ Random Pairing Generator. Prompt: Strategically placed holes in your clothing.

Siwon stares at the gift box in Yesung's hands and blinks.

Parting Gift
Lee Sungmin/Cho Kyuhyun / NC-17 / 970 words / Romance / 2009
Summary: Sungmin gives Kyuhyun one last present before he leaves for China. (Beta'd by ricecakestar! Thank you so much!)

It's the last time for the next couple of months that he'll get to be with him like this. Starting tomorrow, he'll start the agonizing routine of waking up to an alarm clock instead of Kyuhyun telling him to stop snoring, having no one to talk to late at night when everyone else is asleep, and communicating with Kyuhyun with inconsistent text message conversations. It's these times he hates the most.

Master of his Craft
Han Geng/Kim Ryeowook / PG-13 / 809 words / AU/Humor / 2009
Summary: From the Super Junior Random Pairing Generator. Con artist Kim Ryeowook attempts to sell citizens of a small town a love potion.

All it takes is one person to feel impressed and very slowly the rest will agree, as people feed off of each other's emotions quickly. Kim Ryeowook uses that fact to his advantage every time he swindles.

Special Delivery
Choi Siwon/Cho Kyuhyun / PG-13 / 1,448 words / AU/Fluff / 2009
Summary: From the Super Junior - M Random Pairing Generator. Kyuhyun develops a crush on the mailman of his apartment building.

Later, he kicks himself for making such a terrible first impression.

Say It
Kim Kibum/Kim Ryeowook / NC-17 / 1,179 words / Romance / 2009
Summary: Kibum has an interesting way to bring Ryeowook out of his shell. (Beta-ed bytwilight_midna. Thank you very much!)

Kibum reads Ryeowook like a book. He knows when he's worried by the haste in his movements, when he's happy by the gleam in his eyes, and when he's upset by the almost unnoticeable dent in his brows.

Lee Donghae/Cho Kyuhyun / PG-15 / 1,404 words / Slight Angst/Romance / 2009
Summary: Donghae senses the strain in him and Kyuhyun's relationship. But he's afraid to find out the cause behind it.

At first, Donghae thinks that Kyuhyun is uninterested in him. He barely talks, only nodding and smiling softly whenever Donghae engages him in conversation.

Behind the Words
Kim Kibum/Cho Kyuhyun / PG / 405 words / Romance / 2009
Summary: Kibum receives a late night call from Kyuhyun.

Kibum knows he's lying. Kyuhyun could probably tell him the time difference between Seoul and several other cities. But he decides to overlook it. After all, he's not complaining about the call.

Speak to Me
Cho Kyuhyun/Henry Lau / NC-17 / 835 words / PWP / 2009
Summary: Kyuhyun gets turned on by Henry's English.

Kyuhyun cuts him off with a kiss to his mouth. When he pulls back Henry sees the look in his eyes and shivers. The lust is his gaze is intense and Henry knows he's in for it.

Just Us Two
Kim Heechul/Kim Kibum (Friendship); Kim Kibum/Kim Ryeowook / PG-13 / 1,814 words / Friendship/Romance/Humor / 2009
Summary: There's always that one person who you trust with you secrets, who steers you in the right direction, and who's not afraid to tell you when you're wrong. That's what Kim Heechul and Kim Kibum are to each other. (Seven drabbles from the Super Junior random pairing generator).

Eleven other members. His chances for privacy are minimum, most likely impossible.

Park Jungsoo/Choi Siwon / G / 447 words / AU/Fluff / 2009
Summary: Junsoo and Siwon learn just how adorable finger paint art can be. (From the Super Junior Random Pairing Generator. Prompt: finger paints)

The summer breeze ripples through Sanghee Park-Choi's hair as she sits in the middle of the grass and daisies in her front yard.

Go For Three
Kim Kibum/Cho Kyuhyun / NC-17 / 1,186 words / Romance / 2009
Summary: Kibum reunites with Kyuhyun and decides to make up for his absence.

"Kyuhyun's in his room," the eleven members chorus and Kibum laughs. They know him too well.

Constant Repeat
Kim Ryeowook/Kim Kibum / PG-13 / 544 words / Fluff / 2009
Summary: Ryeowook leaves Kibum a piece of him before going to Thailand. (From the Super Junior Pairing Generator. Prompt: constant repeat)

Ryeowook's voice fills his ears and seems to make its way down to his heart.

I'm Just Checking
Lee Donghae/Cho Kyuhyun / PG-13 / 1,272 words / Romance / 2010
Summary: On the day of Kyuhyun's ear surgery, Donghae's just a bit too paranoid.

"My reaction is normal," Donghae tells him. "Yours however is not. They're about to stick gadgets into your brain and you're as calm as ever."

Kim Ryeowook/Kim Kibum / PG-13 / 1,845 words / AU / 2011
Summary: Ryeowook gave him the best and worst years of his life, and Kibum just doesn't know how to let go. Based on the song "Eternity" by Kangta.

The grass is dead, the leaves in the yard need to be raked, and the porch could use a good sweeping. It's such a contrast from how it used to look, back when it was well cared for and hundreds of bright yellow daffodils were swaying in the breeze.

On The Rocks
Kim Heechul/Choi Siwon / PG-13 / 2,914 words / AU/Romance / 2012
Summary: In which Siwon is a bartender and Heechul is a reoccurring costumer with a problem that just can't seem to be solved.

Siwon isn't sure when his job as a bartender became synonymous with a career as an advisor, but for the past six years, he's counseled every customer that has ever sat at his counter.

SM Town Crossovers

Taemin + Kai; past Suho/Kai / PG-13 / 758 words / Angst / 2012
Summary: Kai didn't think that growing up would be so hard.

"He lied to me, Taemin. He looked me directly in my eyes and lied to me. And now he gets to lead me. I don't trust him."

Eric/Onew / PG-13 / 3,081 words / AU/Crack / prompt: Halloween / 2012
Summary: Lee Jinki's new neighbor is both attractive and suspicious.

The only thing that illuminates the room is the occasional bolt of lightning, and Lee Jinki gives an involuntary shiver every time he notices it pass through his living room curtains.

Taemin/Sulli / G / 416 words / Romance / prompt: that was then / 2013
Summary: Back then, Taemin would have told you were crazy if you said he'd fall for her.

There was a time when Taemin could hear the sound of Jinri's footsteps thundering down the hall, her hair sticking out in all directions after coming to a skidding stop in front of his rehearsal room.</lj>

SHINee x 2PM

Chaos and Romance
Chansung/Key, Taecyeon/Onew, Jaebum/Jonghyun, Junsu/Taemin (Mild), Nichkhun/Minho; slight WooYoung/JunHo / PG-13 / 1,225 words / Humor / 2009
Summary: After Idol Army, SHINee and 2PM have a hard time keeping their hormones under control.

"Listen here you," Key growls. "Don't come anywhere near my son until he turns eighteen! And stop calling him! If I found out that you contacted him in any way I will hunt you down. By the way, tell Chansung to call me!"

What Love Can Do
Chansung/Key, Junsu/Taemin (Mild) Taecyeon/Onew, Jaebum/Jonghyun, Nichkhun/Minho; slight WooYoung/JunHo / PG-13 / 2,192 words / Romance/Humor / 2009
Summary: Sequel to 'Chaos and Romance'. Taemin goes on his first date with Junsu, the rest of 2PM crash SHINee's dorm, Chansung learns how to calm Key's nerves, and Taekyeon and Onew disappear from the rest of the group.

"Alright!" Wooyoung and Junho exclaim as they come out Wooyoung's room. "Group trip to the SHINee dorm!"

Say Goodbye
Park Jaebeom/Kim Jonghyun / PG-13 / 1,094 words / Drama / 2009
Summary: After making the final preparations to leave for Seattle, Jaebeom has to break the news of his departure to the person who matters the most to him.

Jaebeom looks at Jonghyun's curious expression and feels his stomach sinking in. He doesn't want to break Jonghyun's heart.

Hwang Chansung/Key / NC-17 / 1,148 words / PWP / 2010
Summary: In which Chansung finds Key incredibly attractive, and Key knows it.

As Kibum shakes his hips and cups a hand to his face Chansung forgets that there are three other people on stage with him. Suddenly the room begins to feel warm.

F.T Island x SHINee

A Night Out
Choi Jonghun/Kim Kibum (Key) / R / 1,419 words / AU / 2010
Summary: An uneventful night at the club spices up a little when Kim Kibum meets Choi Jonghun.

The male looks up and locks eyes with Kibum. He blinks for a second as he takes in his face from afar but after a few seconds he smiles and gives him a wink. Kibum merely rolls his eyes in response and turns to face the bartender.
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