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[Drabble] Spontaneous

JB/Jr. / NC-17 / 700 words / PWP / Prompt: thirst
Summary: Jinyoung is up for a quickie.

Jinyoung has always been the more spontaneous of the two, so Jaebum isn't surprised when he's suddenly pushed against a wall and Jinyoung's mouth is on his neck, hands sliding underneath his shirt and tracing their way up his abs. What does surprise him is that they're in a rehearsal room that anyone could walk into at any time, and even though Jaebum would like nothing more than to give in and fuck Jinyoung, he has to raise an objection.

"I don't think we should –"

"Don't worry," Jinyoung cuts in as if already expecting Jaebum's protests. His lips form a smirk against Jaebum's skin and Jaebum feels heat rising to his neck. "This room is soundproof. The door is locked. We can be as loud as we want and no one will know."

Jaebum opens his mouth to point out that as the two senior artists of their group they should set an example, that they should have more sense than to engage in sexual activity in a public area, and that if Jackson found out, they'd never live it down; but Jinyoung's nipping at his collarbone hard enough to leave a bruise and any disapproval he might have voiced goes out of the window with the groan that leaves his throat. He pivots, pinning Jinyoung to the wall by his hips and the younger man grins.

"Finally," Jinyoung says. "Now take your damn shirt off."

Jaebum laughs and pulls his shirt over his head before his mouth is back on Jinyoung's. Jinyoung pulls Jaebum closer by the belt loops in his jeans, and Jaebum groans as he comes into contact with the growing bulge in Jinyoung's pants. His hands travel down to grip Jinyoung's ass and Jinyoung moans and frantically rolls his hips against Jaebum's in response. The friction has Jaebum hard in seconds and he shoves his tongue into Jinyoung's mouth before unzipping the younger man's pants and pulling them down. He thrusts a hand down Jinyoung's boxers, thumbing the tip of his cock before sliding his fingers up the shaft and Jinyoung whines impatiently.

"Drop the foreplay," he says and Jaebum grins.

"Fine," Jaebum replies. He lifts Jinyoung up higher against the wall, and Jinyoung wraps his legs around Jaebum's waist. When the older man is sure that Jinyoung is secure against the wall he licks two of his fingers before shoving them in Jinyoung's ass and scissoring him roughly. Jinyoung rocks in time with Jaebum's movements panting out the word "more" each time, and Jaebum smirks and pushes a third finger in. Jinyoung whimpers as Jaebum grazes his prostate.

"God Jaebum please," he begs and Jaebum chuckles, lips against his ear.

"You want my cock don't you, Jinyoung?" Jaebum says, his voice rough. "I bet you've been thinking about it all day."

Jinyoung whimpers again as Jaebum traces the shell of his ear with his tongue.

"You want me to fuck you hard against this wall, don't you?" Jaebum asks, hooking his fingers and Jinyoung gasps.

"Fuck yes," Jinyoung manages to get out, and Jaebum unzips his pants.

"Let's see just how loud you can get," Jaebum says before he rams into Jinyoung, and the younger man moans loudly, digging his nails into Jaebum's shoulder blades. Jaebum hisses but keeps going, strokes hard and fast and Jinyoung's eyes are closed as he jerks his hips to meet every thrust.

Jaebum feels Jinyoung's cock hardening against his stomach, hears Jinyoung's increased swearing after each stroke, and Jaebum knows that he's close. He lifts Jinyoung's legs a little higher, angles his thrusts in a little deeper, and Jinyoung yells Jaebum's name in response, back arching off of the wall. Jaebum pounds into the spot once more, hips snapping up and Jinyoung comes with a scream as he spills against Jaebum's stomach. Jaebum follows soon after, burying his face into Jinyoung's neck.

After a few minutes of labored breathing Jinyoung croaks out an impressed fuck, and Jaebum lets out a breathy chuckle into the base of Jinyoung's neck before kissing his shoulder. "I should arrange quickies more often", Jinyoung adds as he runs a hand through Jaebum's hair.

"I'd be up for that," Jaebum replies with a smile.
Tags: genre: pwp, group: got7, pairing: jb/jr., rating: nc-17
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