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[One-Shot] Master of His Craft

Title: Master of his Craft
Author: Knowmonsta
Pairing: Han Geng/Kim Ryeowook
Words: 809
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU/Humor
Summary: From the Super Junior Random Pairing Generator. Con artist Kim Ryeowook attempts to sell citizens of a small town a love potion.



Note:  This was inspired by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson's music video for their song Say, Say, Say. I hope you guys like it!



Master of his Craft


The key is the size of the crowd. All it takes is one person to feel impressed and very slowly the rest will agree, as people feed off of each other's emotions quickly. Kim Ryeowook uses that fact to his advantage every time he swindles.


Today the crowd is a perfect size. They're all looking skeptical as they see his horse drawn cart and his two slightly worn cardboard boxes sitting on top of it. Ryeowook lifts a small pink bottle out of one of the boxes and smiles as he looks at all seventy faces.


"Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever wanted someone so badly but they simply had no interest in you? Well I've got the solution to your problems right here in this little bottle!"


He holds up the bottle with a gold label entitled 'Lust Potion'.


"With this potion, I guarantee that the first man or woman who looks at you after you drink this will find you completely irresistible regardless of their current relationship status. It's just that simple!"


"Well, I don't believe that."


Ryeowook looks at the man who just spoke. He's young, tall, and handsome. A person like that makes the perfect volunteer for this kind of scam.


"Would you like to test my product, Mr. Cynical?" he asks.


"Sure, why not?" the man replies back shrugging. "And my name is Han Geng."


Ryeowook smiles.


"Ladies and Gentleman, Han Geng is going to test my product! After I drink the contents of this bottle, he won't be able to keep his hands off of me!"


Ryeowook motions for Han Geng to stand in front of him. Once he does, he unscrews the bottle of liquid and drinks in two gulps.


"Well," he asks Han Geng. "How do you like me now?"


Han Geng lifts Ryeowook and sits him on top of his sales cart.


"I think the better question is 'where would I like you now?'," he says, keeping his hands on Ryeowook's waist. "I think on a mattress is a good place."


"Right," Ryeowook says blushing as Han Geng begins to nuzzle his face against his neck. He turns to the audience who look impressed at the scene in front of them.


"At this point if you think you're in just a bit too deep, you need to take the antidote," he says as he reaches in the second cardboard box and picks up an even small bottle. He drinks that in one swig. He looks Han Geng in the eyes.


"Are you feeling alright Han Geng?" he asks.


Han Geng blinks and steps back from Ryeowook.


"What just happened?"

Ryeowook smiles.


"Nothing much," he says and the crowd laughs.


Han Geng shakes his head and rejoins the crowd.


"So how about it ladies and gentleman?" Ryeowook asks as he hops off of the cart and races the crowd. It's five bucks for the love potion and five for the antidote."


"I'll take two of each!" calls a girl in the back.


"I'll take four!"


Ryeowook smiles as more people crowd around him. He makes the transactions quickly and politely, thanking each customer.


"Good luck to all of you!" he says once he finishes. He waves as he drives the cart away.



Four hours later, Ryeowook settles the cart into the woods and sits on the grass. He pulls out a wad of cash from out of his pocket and counts. Five…ten…fifteen………two hundred and five…


"…two hundred and ten," he finishes with a large smile. "Not a bad haul."


He hears a rustle in the trees and quickly stuffs the money back in his pocket.


"So there you are."


Ryeowook sighs in relief as he sees Han Geng.


"Don't scare me like that!" he exclaims and Han Geng laughs.


"I'm sorry," he says as he sits next to him on the ground. He slings an arm around his shoulders. "So how much did we make this time?"


"One hundred and five each," Ryeowook says as he divides the cash in two even piles and hands one of them to Han Geng.


"Thank you," Han Geng says. "Now, where are we headed next?"


"We're going to have to skip the next town and go farther out," Ryeowook replies as he gets to his feet and stretches. "I'm afraid someone from today might see us if we don't."


Han Geng nods as the two of them climb into the front of the cart. He takes the reins and with a quick lash, the horses starting moving.


"You were really convincing today," Ryeowook says smiling at his perfect partner in crime. "For a second I thought you were going to rip my clothes off in front of everyone."


Han Geng slows the cart and Ryeowook blinks.


"I was," Han Geng whispers. He kisses Ryeowook and he blushes.




Han Geng chuckles and resumes driving.


The End!

Tags: character: han geng, character: kim ryeowook, pairing: han geng/kim ryeowook
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